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20 Years at Foundations Health Solutions

February 7, 2023
Country View of Sunbury has many gems including Nikki Pope, our Director of Nursing. However, that hasn’t always been Nikki’s role at our facility or with our company. To say she has held many titles while working for Foundations Health Solutions is an understatement. Nikki started out as a State-Tested Nurse Aide and then went on to Social Services, Medical Records and Payroll. After these positions, she decided to go to nursing school to get her LPN, and later on, she achieved her RN license. Since getting her nursing license, Nikki has been a floor Nurse, Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON), and now a Director of Nursing (DON).

To celebrate and honor Nikki's 20-year commitment to our company, we asked many past and present employees and past resident family members here at Country View about Nikki, and they had a lot to say.

Toni Nuber, our Receptionist, described it perfectly, sharing, “When I first met Nikki, her demeanor said it all. She is as compassionate as they come. She is somebody you want to be around, somebody you strive to be.” You always want a role model as a Director of Nursing, and Nikki is just that. Cornelia, a member of our floor staff, said, “Whenever I need help or have a question, I know I can count on Nikki for help. I love how supportive she is of her employees and feel as though she truly listens to our opinions. Best of all, she always has the residents' best interests at heart. I cannot say enough good things about Nikki!”

With 20 years of experience at Foundations Health and a personality like no other, we could not think of anyone better to be a DON than Nikki. She has been an awesome role model to all of us, always trying to make the next day better than the one before. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude to go along with it. Our residents said they love how Nikki is always put together and asks how they are doing. One resident shared, “She is always busy. She is a hard worker!”

Team Country View gathered together to celebrate 20 years of Nikki Pope!

Nikki is a daughter, a wife and a mother. The love she has for others and her hard work ethic are genetic, as Nikki is the daughter of our Social Services Director, Penny. Penny started as a Nurse at Country View, and when we asked her how she felt about Nikki celebrating 20 years, Penny expressed, “Working with my daughter for 18 years has been a true blessing, and to watch her grow as a Nurse has been wonderful. I still have days when I listen to her and am so proud. I can hear the compassion in her for the residents and the staff. She remembers what it is like to be an STNA and floor Nurse; it takes dedication and caring. To say I am proud is an understatement.”

It takes a special someone to fill a DON role and have all the experience that Nikki does. Nikki is always offering to help anyone in any possible way. Susan, our Physical Therapist Assistant, shared, “It has been nice seeing Nikki achieve all of these goals throughout the years we have worked together.” Another staff member, Stacy Wohlford, LPN, shared, "I have worked with Nikki at Country View for many years. She was actually my preceptor for nursing school and a huge reason I chose to work at Country View of Sunbury. Nikki took me under her wing right away and taught me so much about being a Nurse. She is the kindest and most caring person. Her compassion for her job and others is so radiant, it does not go unseen."

Country View is more than a skilled nursing facility. We are family and we love to cheer each other on. Amber Murphy, a Unit Manager, stated a quote that fits Nikki to a T.

“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are,”

- Harold Kushner

Nikki holds true to this quote. She is always going above and beyond for our residents, their family members and our staff. She puts their needs above her own. “I am incredibly pleased to have Nikki as our Director of Nursing because I know from having her as my floor Nurse that she is hard-working, reliable and exceptionally caring. She also has high standards but would never ask anyone to do anything she has not done or would do," Drew Crook.

As a Director of Nursing, you work very closely with your Administrator. Our Administrator, Stacie Atherton-Stout, shared, “I knew we were excited to have Nikki home as our Director of Nursing, but now I know just how lucky we are, how lucky I am! I could not ask for a better Director of Nursing / Administration partnership. I’m so excited for what our team will accomplish with Nikki’s leadership.”

Barb Wells and Tyler Myers, who are Foundations Health Solutions' Regional Nurses, also gave their compliments to Nikki. Barb shared, “Congratulations to 20 years, Nikki! Your dedication and service to Foundations are much appreciated. I am thankful for your example as a role model. Your positive attitude towards work inspires everyone. Your work ethic is commendable. Nothing is more valuable than an employee who is both loyal and hard-working. It is a great pleasure to work alongside you. Here’s to another 20 years! Happy work anniversary!”

Tyler has worked with Nikki in the past here at Country View. He stated, “Of the many fond memories I have working alongside Nikki through the years, no memory seems to stick out more than simply what it was like to work with a Nurse as compassionate, encouraging, selfless, and nurturing as Nikki. Nikki has unknowingly played a large part in the development of so many of her staff, including myself, over the years. Setting clear expectations and never lowering her bar, she’s always ensured her staff provided the highest quality of care for her residents. Not only touching and impacting the lives of her staff, but she’s also greatly impacted so many of her residents in the many different roles she’s had over her 20-year tenure at Country View. Nikki leads with her heart and serves others above anything else. It was commonplace for Nikki to roll up her sleeves and help feed residents or give showers as the floor nurse, and to no surprise, that servant-style leadership has remained consistent as she’s transitioned to her role as the Director of Nursing. Nikki is the epitome of a servant leader and offers so much of herself to those she serves. Country View, and long-term care in general, is a better place because of people like Nikki. You’ve played an integral part in Country View’s continued success over the years, and I wish you nothing but prosperity over your career. Thank you for all that you do, and have done, for our residents, staff, and families over the years. Much love and respect.”

The amount of praises Nikki gets is ongoing. All of us at Country View of Sunbury and Foundations Health Solutions love you, Nikki! Congratulations on 20 years and many more to come!

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