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Rhythm of the Day Program

October 13, 2022
The employees here at Country View are always looking for creative ways to enhance our residents' quality of life. The newest program that we've started working with is called Rhythm of The Day.

Rhythm of the Day offers residents a quality of life not traditionally experienced in the general long-term care setting. They offer calmness and engagement throughout the day by utilizing residents’ remaining cognitive abilities to focus on their highest practicable function without focusing on lost abilities resulting in residents’ enjoyment and contentment. These techniques of stimulating emotional memory create a setting of peace and diffused behaviors. Residents enhance their functionality and psychosocial skills while simply living a better life. Rhythm of the Day provides a "rhythm" for staff, residents and families, simplifying and normalizing the day for everyone.

This is a new learning experience for our staff and residents, and so far, everyone has been enjoying it. In these pictures, we did morning stimulating facials just before lunch. The residents absolutely loved them. After lunch, we did the calming effect and had great results. All of the supplies are being used for better coordination and better eating habits which helps stimulate the brain. Throughout the day, we did different activities like our hydration cart and games. Incredibly, in just one day, we could already see the results. Our residents had more restful evenings and sleep.

We are very excited to continue learning about the process and the importance of exercising our body and brain. We are so thankful that Rhythm of The Day chose to work with us at Country View. All of us are looking forward to another day with them!

Click the button below to visit the Rhythm of the Day website and learn more about the program.

Rhythm of the Day

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